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The Secret behind a Chemistry Session

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Through a chemistry session you get to learn a bit more about coaching and whether it is for you, but above all you find out whether the coach is the right one for what you are looking for. Being a coach is such a crowded profession and it makes it hard to choose. Those sessions are incredibly important because they are free and it’s like visiting a flat to rent or buy, you know quickly whether you like it or not!

Ask the coach anything you’d like during a chemistry session, especially if you have any doubts about coaching. However, do not waste too much time, ask to be coached straight away so that you can see if you like the experience they provide. You can check on the website the qualifications that the coach has. Remember it is not a regulated profession, so I would recommend checking what they studied before and how they have become a coach.

A coaching misconception:

Before I started coaching I had the belief that a coach would tell me what to do. That I would not have to think much and that they would give me the solution to my issues. I was so wrong. Coaching is the opposite of that. It is a partnership, you come up with your own answers and your mind works hard. After a session it should be racing!

This means, you might get some homework, you’ll have to complete exercises or project yourself in certain peak times of your life, or your future self. This of course depends on the agenda you will set with your coach. To get from point A to B in your life, it is a journey. You will not be given a recipe for success.

Most clients talk about the goal, the end result, and getting the right formula for success and get surprised when they actually see the amount of work we do in coaching. The work is around the actions, but also what happens to the brain along the way, the fears, the emotions the failures and how we decide to respond to them. ‘B’ is an enhanced version of yourself, a more self-aware self, that achieves goals.

Which Coach should I choose?

Coaching is 95% about how you feel the connection with the coach is. Therefore, trying a chemistry session is ideal. The coaching relationship is the main reason why coaching will work. Of course, it is also very important to find out what qualifications the coach did, his background and what feedback they received.

Maybe you feel more inclined to be coached by someone who went through the same experiences in life or work, if this also matters to you. Ask yourself those questions and you’ should be able to make a better decision.

Who are your coaching clients?

My clients are business-minded people and they come for all sorts of reason. Sometimes purely work/professional reasons, sometimes both. We work on everything, not just their career or their work life balance. From time management, image, confidence, relationship, work progression, preparing interviews, change of career, struggling with feelings, wanting to start something but not knowing where and how... These are all things I can help with.

When someone comes along and asks me: ‘do you think I should quit my job and become a teacher?’ they clearly have a coaching misconception, as I will never answer that as a yes or no. . I am not here to tell clients what to do. We will instead work together and understand why they are asking themselves those questions. As well as where the questions are coming from and how we can decide if it is relevant or not. It’s important to know that: self-awareness is not always a pleasant journey, but that doesn’t mean one cannot enjoy it. My goal is to help executives and all business-minded people to enjoy life. To me, life is the process of growth within oneself. We are a constant work in progress and this does not mean we need to wait to feel complete to move forward!

What happens after a Chemistry Session?

The good thing is that a Chemistry session doesn’t bind you to sign up to work with the coach in the future. Sometimes clients just want to have a one off session that they might repeat in a few months’ time. A 2hr breakthrough session can be useful in that instance.

It is ok if you think that you need to speak to other coaches to get to know what is best for you. The kind of coaching I offer is around people in business. How they live with their jobs and why they feel that they are stuck in certain situations. For example, if they are looking for a promotion or not getting along with people at work, coaching can really help to break down what is happening inside those environments by taking a step back from it all.

To find out more about the next steps after a Chemistry session, read my blog post explaining this next week!

If you’re ready to start your Coaching journey, please get in touch here.

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