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The main thing to know about CONFIDENCE

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Self-doubt is such a pain in the A*** at times, right? Wouldn’t it be great to always be confident?

What would it feel like to have the confidence to speak in public, ask for a promotion, speak up in meetings, ask for what you want in your relationships?

Yes, that would be fun. That’s why we love confidence and try to get more of it! So why is it so hard sometimes?

3 quick reminders:

A) Confidence comes with not caring too much about what other people might think about you. The courage to be disliked. Confidence is the ability to like yourself. The same way you would tell someone you love “you can do it”.

B) The enemy of confidence is Self-doubt and Shame. The brain defaults into self-doubt when something challenging comes its way. Despite what we think, the other enemy of confidence is Pride and Arrogance, why? Because there is no room for improvement if you are overly confident and you do not work on yourself.

C) Confidence is a real trust in self. That energy that comes from inside you, that fuel. We love it, don’t we? A bit like the energy you get going on a first date… It is “electric fire”!

Check out my email Confidence Challenge and work with me on your confidence on a daily basis for the next 3 days.

With confidence life feels better:

And there are a lot of things that confidence can heal and make better, such as:

- Dealing with issues at work

- Feeling less good than others

- Public speaking

- Writing content

- Asking for a salary increase

- Relationship conflicts

Michael Jordan’s example:

If you haven’t yet, watch The Last Dance (Netflix). We know of Michael Jordan’s talent in basketball, but you may not know that he spent 1.5 years away from basketball at the height of his career to play baseball. He became quite good at it. Even played professionally. How did he gain the confidence to change a profession that he was so good at, to something new?

He faced his fears, practiced and prepared, faced his fears again, as well as criticism and self-doubt, and kept at it.

That is the main secret of CONFIDENCE:

Confidence doesn’t just come to you – you need to BUILD it, WORK at it CONSTANTLY.

It requires ACTION from your part. And Courage to start; practice and prepare and face your fears.

I call it the confidence LOOP. If you sign up to my Confidence Challenge you will see exactly what I mean…

I created a fantastic email Confidence Challenge. Sign up here, it’s free and will help you work towards achieving Michael Jordan’s confidence one step at a time.

Any coaching Session is a work around CONFIDENCE:

If you keep doing the things you find hard - may it be selling yourself, talking to your boss or asking for a raise - then you will slowly BUILD confidence. The secret is not to try to BE more confident, but to ENCOURAGE confidence to slowly come your way.

"If you feel the fear and do it anyway, confidence will eventually come to you". Dave Stachowiak

So, because coaching is all about accountability and taking action, I’d love to ask you to do this:

- Write down one thing you want to do and keep putting off for later. Just write it down and think about it for a second:

- What is the first thing you should be doing?

- What is the first step?

Now if you want to do more work around CONFIDENCE, such as:

- Accepting yourself (positive/negatives)

- Practicing/challenging yourself to do a bit more everyday

- Not let criticism get in your way (requires practice and understanding)

Then sign up to my FREE 3 day Confidence Challenge!

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