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Growing Your Instagram With The Help of a Coach

How can you become better at something you have never done before?

When you dive yourself into something new, you often struggle with your confidence right?

Instagram was completely new to me 9 months ago. I hired social media marketer Kinsey from @feelgoodsocial when I decided to dive into the world of Instagram. I chose her as a coach amongst a long list of options. I share why in this podcast episode! (short clip below).

We talk about growing your confidence on Instagram and about the crowded, but amazing, profession of Coaching. We also chat about:

  1. The one thing you need to always consider when choosing the right coach to work with

  2. Why getting uncomfortable will grow your confidence

  3. How to mentally prepare yourself for all aspects of social media

You can connect with Kinsey at or on Instagram @feelgoodsocial

Please click on the link below to hear the full podcast:

Ep. 049 | Growing Your Gram With The Help of a Coach with Tania Cuturi

You can also listen to it on Spotify and on iTunes.

Please share this episode with anyone you think would enjoy it and tag us both to let us know what you have thought of it!

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