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A Short Letter to my Clients

Recently, I started to write about transformation in coaching, and it led me to think of my clients’ coaching that had the biggest impact in their lives. I ended up with feelings of admiration and gratitude towards all these clients who had decided to embark on the journey of coaching, and I felt the need to write to them.

I just love my clients! Here is my thank you note to all of you, dear clients:

Dear Leader Wonder Woman,

I wanted to thank you for trusting me in your coaching journey. You have come to see me at a time when you were at a first level of leadership, and you were looking to grow your business and yourself, not knowing where or how to start.

You are a leader, an ambitious and powerful human being, and you do not always remember it. I am so proud of the self-discovery we do within our sessions, the mapping and planning about what you want in your life and in your job. Why you do what you do and what it says about where you want to go.

I am passionate to see the small changes in you that will lead to the big ones. Seeing you, and believing in the possibility of your powers is my goal. Transformation is all about that in coaching. Thank you for being patient as it does not come overnight!

I was with you along the way of the journey by giving you tasks and things to take at home. It’s a whole journey, and I hope you realise the progress that you have accomplished in a small amount of time. Not everyone is always ready for coaching, so thank you for opening up and working with me.

Looking forward to continuing the journey along side you, Wonder Woman.

Lots of love,

Tania x

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