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4 Tips for Tackling Burnout

Most people know that they need to do something about the feeling of overwhelm or burnout but somehow feel stuck in a trap where they think that if they keep doing more of what they are used to doing, things will get better. Changing something that isn't working is actually harder than we think. That's because any change requires effort for the brain.

Here are some tips to tackle burnout - overwhelm:

  • DITCH to do list! Replace them with BUCKET/Theme lists instead!

(i.e. Creative time, Client admin, Personal Admin...)

We tend to get stuck in endless lists. They don’t need to disappear but you need to create Bucket lists instead where each item will fall in:

If you are an entrepreneur, you will need time for your social media creation, time for calling clients etc. Create those buckets and respect the boundaries. If you believe you need 3h/ week on clients then try to respect the time you have allocated. When you have to focus on something without interruption, make sure you switch off notifications and switch on the airplane mode.

  • Write your Pleasure, Strength and Meaning list. DO at least 1 of those a day, especially NOW during year end.

(i.e. Read book/Meditate/ Call friends/ Water plants...)

At times of overwhelm and stress, we tend to remain in a negative loop and feel guilty for not being productive. So what do we do? Try to do more. It usually doesn’t work. Our body and mind are actually telling us to take a step back with the overwork. We need to break free from those habits by remembering things that give us pleasure, joy and strength. They are very different and oh so important. It gives me strength to exercise, not always pleasure. It gives me joy to read or listen to a podcast.

  • Unfollow people that trigger the feeling of SHAME/ not good enough!(i.e. the lady who's hair / kids / life is waaay too shiny...)

Some people might help you grow and inspire you, whilst others will just make you feel bad for not doing enough. We cannot control the content we see, but we can control when and who we decide to get inspiration from. Just unfollow that person who will mostly trigger uncomfortable feelings and focus on the ones that will help you and inspire you.

  • If you are feeling TOO overwhelmed - get a coach/therapist. Allow yourself to vent. We all need it right NOW.

Self-Care… You know when you need it. Find the right one, make sure you get a free session and see if she/he is a fit. You need someone who will know when to challenge you. We spend so much in things that are less relevant for us. We should spend on Self-Care without any guilt!

The Good News is: Most people find that when you tackle time Management, overwhelm improves significantly.

There's truly no miracle solution, because the way YOU manage overwhelm is going to be very specific to YOUR needs (which is why hiring a coach can be so dang helpful!)

To sum up:

Usually working on time management and planning during year end is a favourite of my clients, just saying.

If you've been feeling the overwhelm lately and you're ready to DEAL WITH IT but you don't know how - I'd love to chat with you to see how you can cut back the overwhelm in your life right now (because this year has been hard enough as it is - and you deserve a break, am I right?!)

Get in touch! Book your Chemistry Session with me to see if we could be a fit!

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